Free: Review of CV content, format and language accuracy. Initial discussion and recommendations. 

€150-€300: Detailed CV consultation by phone or video call, and full CV rewrite.

From €50: (with a CV consultation) Cover letters/emails or application forms for specific positions or organisations. Online professional profile content e.g. Linkedin, Xing. 

On request: Individual training for English language interviews and assessment/selection events. 


Pricing policy: I will quote a price in advance for an agreed service. The price will be based on an estimate of the time required to deliver the consultation, and design and produce the required materials to an excellent standard. I will only finish work when you are satisfied, even if it takes longer than my initial estimate. 

Several factors influence the estimated time required, for example: length of career and number of positions held, whether you already have a CV written in English, whether we need to use industry specific or technical terminology. Your current salary will NOT directly influence the price.

Payment: Payment by credit or debit card to be received before the consultation.