The Perfect English CVs service is designed and delivered by Stefan Pawlowski

Recruitment Expertise: 

I have 12 years of experience as an HR and Recruitment Manager for international companies in the UK, Switzerland. and Italy. 

I have used CVs and online profiles to help senior decision makers to select (and reject!) candidates from all over the world. I’ve recruited and interviewed for hundreds of positions, in the full range of industry sectors, for locations across Europe. So I know what decision makers at different levels in international companies really look for on a CV, cover letter or online profile. 

English Language Expertise:

I am a native UK English speaker with a degree from Oxford University (1999). I write simply and persuasively, and communicate complex technical terminology in perfect, clear English.

I am also a CELTA qualified English language teacher. I specialise in training non-native speaking professionals to use English clearly and accurately, so they get better results at work. I use this experience to collaborate very effectively with non-native English speaking clients. We work together to create content which the client can discuss confidently in English at the interview stage. 

My experience gives clients another important advantage in the selection process. In an international organisation, a recruitment decision maker may be a native English speaker. Or, they might struggle to understand complex or idiomatic written English. My clear, concise writing style communicates the right message, to any reader.