Free: Review of CV content, format and language. Initial discussion and recommendations. 

€150-€300: Detailed CV consultation by phone or video call, and full CV rewrite.

From €50: Cover letter/email or application form designed for a specific position or organisation. Online profile content e.g. Linkedin, Xing. 


I will quote a price for an agreed service in advance. The price is based on my estimate of the time required to deliver a consultation, then design and produce the required materials. I will finish work when you are satisfied, even if it takes me longer than my initial estimate.

Several factors will affect the price, for example: length of career and number of positions held, accuracy of written English on an existing CV, experience in a technical or specialist sector. Your current salary or level of seniority will not directly affect the price. 

Your input: The consultation will be held at a time and location to suit you, and will normally take between 40 and 90 minutes. All you need is a phone and/or web connection. We may need to have another follow-up discussion. You may need to retrieve or confirm some factual information. We may use secure online document sharing to collaborate more effectively.

Deadlines and payment: Your material will normally be delivered 3 working days after the consultation, although I may be able to work to a tighter deadline if necessary. Payment will be taken in full before the consultation.