How does it work?

1. We have a detailed one-to-one discussion by phone or video call, working together to identify your key skills and areas of professional experience. We agree the best ways to present these so you will achieve your objectives.

Clients often tell me they are surprised to find that the questions reveal skills they had not really considered before. They also discover how the input of an experienced recruitment and selection specialist can generate original ways to present information in a positive way to an employer.

2. I produce the draft written materials - if we need to, we can use secure online document sharing to easily agree content and format.

3. I only finish work when you are completely satisfied. 

4. You'll present yourself to your target employer armed with an excellent CV, cover letter or online profile, written in perfect English. As you progress through a selection process to the interview stage, you'll be able to speak more confidently and persuasively about your skills and experience.

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More information:

Format: Discussions at a time and place to suit you. All you need is a web connection and/or phone line. 

Delivery timescales: Normally within 3 working days of the consultation, can be reduced if agreed in advance.

Languages: Consultations are held in English. The service is suitable for a speaker of any first language. If you are not a native English speaker, we will communicate in English at an appropriate language level. We can refer to an existing CV, or other materials, written in another language.

Your input: Consultations normally take between 40 and 90 minutes. We may need to have another follow-up discussion. You may need to retrieve or confirm some factual information. 

Confidentiality: The service is completely confidential. Personal data and information will be held securely, and will be used only for the purpose of preparing materials.

Materials: You will own the finished written materials, and are free to adapt or amend them in future. Materials are supplied unbranded, in electronic .pdf and .doc format. Other formats available on request.